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What is TipSnips? is an image based website created to give our valued members a unique and user-friendly source to discover and share awesome money and time saving tips

Although we at are constantly posting our own helpful tips based on research and life experiences we fully understand and appreciate that YOU are a tremendous source of knowledge! And because of this we urge you to share your wisdom to the ever-growing TipSnips audience by "Suggesting A Tip" from your member area.

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Can I save my favorite tips?

Yes! On every Tips page there is a 'Mark it as Favorite' link. Simply click this link for each Tip you like and the Tip will be saved for you. To access this Tip go to your profile and click the Favorites button.

Coming soon! Before long you will be able to save tips to categories you create. These Tip Boards will allow you to stay organize and take full advantage of the tips you want.

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Why would I 'Flag a Tip'?

The purpose of Tipsnips is to offer short powerful time and money saving tips to you. We are fully aware that there are some unscrupulous characters out there who will post garbage with no value in order to promote their own agenda. With potentially tens of thousands of Tips being posted by members we must rely on you to help police the site. We review all flagged Tips and will remove tips that we feel are inappropriate. If someone is a repeat offender we reserve the right to cancel their membership at anytime.

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What if I don't like someone's Tip?

First kind! If you tested the Tip and it doesn't perform up to your expectations then you have three options to make your opinion on a Tip known...

1. Rate It! Give the Tip a poor rating - simple, fast, and effective.

2. Leave a Comment below the Tip expressing your dissatisfaction. Or, better yet, leave a comment on how to make the Tip better. Anyone can complain. It takes a 'someone' to offer a solution.

3. Flag It! In extreme cases you can Flag a Tip. Please, Flag Tips with extreme caution. If a Tip is harmful or damaging then please Flag it but if it just doesn't live up to your liking just Rate It or Leave a Comment. And never be nasty. Fair enough?

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