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Posted on Sep/12/2013
Category: College & Dorm Life
Ways Stay Awake During Class

TipSnip: Participate in discussions or ask questions.
Sit up straight. Slouching is a sleep precursor
Chew gum or mints
Suck on cough drops
Concentrate on what the teacher is saying
Take lots of notes
Bounce your crossed leg up and down
Shift around in your chair
Sip cold water
Sit at the front of the class
Move your feet
Pinch yourself
Stare wide-eyed into a light
Bite your tongue
Play with your pen
Don�t lean on your hands
Work on your to-do list or shopping list
Avoid mid-week late nights or all-nighters
Maintain a regular sleep schedule
Exercise in the morning
Eat Breakfast
Eat Healthy Snacks
Eat a Light Lunch
Try to get 7.5 to 8.5 hours of sleep every night

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