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Posted on Feb/05/2015
Category: Food & Drink
5 Simple Food Dehydrating Tips

TipSnip: -Make sure you have the right temperature.
-Make sure foods are 95% dehydrated.f your items feel soft, spongy or sticky, put them back in the dehydrator.
-Don’t try to dry foods quicker.
-Preparation is key.Before you add dehydrate anything, make sure you thoroughly wash all foods with an anti-bacterial vegetable cleaner. Wear gloves when preparing foods to avoid getting skin oils on the food. Steam all low-acid vegetables for 10 minutes prior to dehydrating.
-Become more efficient. Just like you’re using an oven, it is wise to turn on the dehydrator prior to use to allow it to warm up to the required temperature before adding food.

Keywords: Dehydration Preservation Temperature

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