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Posted on Apr/01/2015
Category: Creative Projects
Tea Cup Candles

TipSnip: Hot glue your wicks to the bottom of the cups. Then wrap the rest of the wick around a pencil/pen or any stick will work. This helps keep the wick centered when pouring in the wax.

Use a double boiler or put about 2 inches of water into a pot, then put the wax inside the bowl and placed it on top.

Gradually melt the wax, adjusting the stove temperature if needed.

Melt the wax until it reaches the temperature specified on the bag.This is the point where you can add the scent you prefer and any color.

Allow the wax to cool to specific temperature, and pour into teacup.

Wait for the wax to cool and cut the wick down to about 1/4 inch.

Keywords: Wax Candle Cup

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